5 Powerful things that Attracts bad wife materials to you

Is social stratification a matter of the past? The answer to this question is a capital NO! Every person have the quest to move from one social class to another and the issue of note here is that the arrow is always from the lower to upper region. i.e. people of the lower class are pushing tirelessly to the middle class and the middle class occupants are jetting forward with speed into the upper class. These class struggles continuous till one’s life ends. Many who are not able to move plunged into class crises. This concept is popularized by ladies in general. A lot of ladies believe that it’s a do or die affair because poverty need to be conquered in their bloodline even if it’s the only thing that is accomplished in their life time. So, these ladies discover that some targeted group of men are the only ones having the power to quickly lift them out of poverty and the need to capture them for this reason is necessary.
What do you think when a millionaire abandoned his wife and children to will his entire wealth to a young lady who was not there in his life when he was building the Business Empire with his wife? Ask him why and he will tell you that he loves the young lady but the truth is that the young lady has conquered him with doses of her waist and kisses. What a pity!
Be careful about lazy and cheap ladies who can throw themselves on you easily if you are in any of these classes below.
Nowadays, money and material things had transformed rich people into endangered species. Every lady’s ambition is to marry a rich man either by hook or crook. It may surprise you to know that these ladies go as far as throwing green light at any rich person they see around! Why would they do that? O yes! Their mothers warned them about bringing someone who is as wretched as them. It’s to tell you that the connection is all about money. They go to the extent of consulting a magician who will give them love portion to capture any rich man they find. The weak ones among them are masters in twerking and belly dance that can confuse a rich man to marry them without scrutiny. I saw a rich young man sometimes ago on his knees begging a lady behind his car in tears. Could this be ordinary? The menace had even changed these days because these same young ladies will marry a man and later poison him to dead and take over his wealth to be enjoyed by her old boyfriend. It’s so real! I guess that is why a lot of wise rich people disguise when in the verge of getting married.
A man who has a car is like a magnet. He attracts a lot of rotten irons from everywhere. If you have a car, you have already won a lady’s love by 60%. The remaining percentage is your mouth flows. In fact, some ladies I know very well swore that they will never marry a man who doesn’t have a car. This clearly means that a car is an influence. You are free to try it. If you make a mistake of buying a car before your wedding, you may end up with the wrong lady in your house as a wife. Ladies love cars like celebrities. The day your car is lost, you are look down upon as nobody.

Blue blood is a welcome everywhere because people believe that gold is with them. They are the cream of the society. So, if you happen to come from the lineage of the royal, there is a wide tendency that lines of ladies will have a crush on you. You have to be careful not to full cheaply. Do you remember that Arthur have to marry Gunervir ( a commoner) after his father’s death? Gunervie took her time to prepare for Arthur Pendragon. But the ladies of this generation do not prepare behaviourally but use charm to have their ways. Be careful with cheap ladies if you are a royal. But if nature opens a way for that, let it be because nobody fights against nature. Shut down all these ladies that toast you at the slightest provocation. They may pound you better but their bites are worse than vipers. Check the genealogy of the wicked Queens in history and you will discover an aberration or mixed in their blood.
Your job is another thing that can set bad and cheap opportunists ladies on you. A lot of ladies have sworn that if not a lawyer, medical doctor, lecturer, professor, banker, pilot, soldier etc they will never marry any one. So, they are waiting for any one with this kind of job to strike. If you don’t approach them, they will approach you. If you are ignorant, you are swallowed up for free. These ladies are just like epiphytes which grow on other trees. As long as they can use you to boost their financial level, they are fine because you are needed. If you cannot be used, they drop you immediately like a hot iron.
If you have a good job, be careful about free fun. Opportunist ladies are not coming because they love you but because you have what they want. When you lose your job they are gone! Know the kind of lady you love and go after her. Not a figure 8lady from nowhere who heard about you through a friend and decide to cast a net to catch you cheaply.
Your position is like a success button. It attracts a lot of fake people to you and only few true friends. Your position truly attract ladies terribly too. Are you the governor of your state? Police commissioner? Army brigade commander? A Minister? Director General? Or a pastor? Then you have to be careful. Opportunist ladies can hook you because of this position. Have you ever ask why celebrities have children with numerous ladies? They ladies are the ones who offered them cheap sweet cookies for free and you see men hardly refused s*x offered on the platter of gold.
Finally, three things are the pitfalls of great men: women, drugs and money. You should never be deceived that a lady can come to you over night without a well scripted plan. The ladies who do not come with plans are the ones who love you for who you are not for your wealth, job, or positions.

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