Welcome to Traffic Monster!

Welcome to Traffic Monster on Wikidot. I'm Dr.Dominic Bragulio, Host of The Marketing View Radio,Internet Marketer and avid blogger (Traffic Monster ,Free Traffic Blog ,Free Traffic Finder and several others (click the links inside those blogs). See I told you I was an avid Blogger!

I have been an internet marketer for almost 10 years. In that time I have spent a lot of time and money just trying to drive Targeted Traffic to my Blogs, Websites ,Affiliate links..etc. And I guess along the way I learned a few things about traffic. The main thing I learned was..

I didnt need to spend a dime on traffic!!

And the traffic I bought I could have got for the price of a burger and fries!
This is a new wiki and it's going to take a few days to get it set up ,but, PLEASE stick with me. I have a lot to teach if your willing to read and put into action what I tell you…how I tell you.

I will be sharing some mostly Free (some very cheap) ways of driving targeted traffic to your site..How I get $100 coupons for Free Google Adwords in the mail at least once a month…how I get so much traffic to one of my blogs I EXCEED THE BANDWIDTH EVERY MONTH….and much more..

Until then check out my blogs. There is a lot of good information there. And I will be posting more here soon


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